Expo 2017
advertising campaign

Advertising in airports
and in-flight advertising. 2016-2017

Types of advertising

  • Airports
  • Airplanes

turned_in_not Germany

Frankfurt am Main Airport

Terminal 1. Digital wall 5,5×1,2 m.

turned_in_not Netherlands. Amsterdam

Schiphol Airport

Digital wall 2,5×2,6 m. Lounge area, Departure hall

turned_in_not UAE

Dubai Airport

Digital wall. Terminal 1

turned_in_not China

Shoudu Airport

Digital wall 7,56×2,78 m.

turned_in_not Kazakhstan. Astana

Digital wall

Digital wall

turned_in_not Lufthansa

Lufthansa Magazin, Lufthansa Exclusive In-flight magazines

turned_in_not Turkish Airlines

Skylife In-flight magazine